Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Veil of Pearls by Mary Lu Tyndall

The year is 1811 and Adalia Winston has decided to escape from her cruel Barbados master. Though she is able to escape the island and make a new life for herself in Charleston as an assistant to a local doctor, Adalia is soon swept away by the glitter of being a small part of society.
I liked that this book was so unlike most Christian novels in that the author actually portrayed wealth in a different light. While it isn't wrong to want to have a life of ease, it isn't write when one becomes a slave to wealth or addictions. To many times, I think we get caught in the trap of thinking that God wants us to be wealthy, when really, He wants us to choose Him and follow where He leads, even if that means poverty.
The story might be a bit unbelievable, but it has a great message. I highly recommend this one!

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