Wednesday, May 30, 2012

God is always on time

The comment, "God is always on time", was made a while back at church. It took me back to the many instances that I have seen this in my life, particularly when it came to the man that God had for me to marry. When I was a teenager, my parents encouraged me to start praying for the man that God had for me. I can't say that I was always diligent in praying for him, since I would get caught up in life or discouraged with the ups and downs of being a young adult. When I was 23, I started to think that perhaps there were things I needed to accomplish before getting married. So, I talked to God (which was really just telling Him how I thought things were going to be. What is the saying? We plan white God laughs.;)) and came up with a list of things that I wanted to do with my life before I got married, figuring that was how things were suppose to go. A couple of months later, my brother attempted to play matchmaker and failed miserably, so I had to goad him on facebook about his matchmaking attempts. Imagine my surprise when that update prompted a private message from an old friend who suddenly seemed to be showing interest! I shouldn't say suddenly, since I think a few of my friends saw it coming, since they made comments when we talked. I had brushed them off, thinking they were way out in left field. It took me a bit to realize that I didn't really know this guy well enough to write him off, and that perhaps God had something in store for my future then what we "agreed" on. When I really stopped and took a good look at things, I realized that I just about missed one of the most wonderful things that has happened in my life. Fast forward three years, and we are now happily married. I can look back and see God's hand in our relationship and the timing of things. We have known each other since we were in our early teens, so it was possible that we could of gotten together sooner. And yet, I see that we needed to make choices and mature on our own before getting married. It was good for Andrew to go to college out of the area, and I learned a lot through working in my family's business and doing the farmers markets. We both had to make choices to stay involved in church and youth group. While it would of most likely still worked out for us to be together earlier, God had His reasons for it not happening sooner. So, I want to encourage those of you who are still hoping and praying for the man or woman that the Lord has for you. He or she is out there, you just have to surrender to a higher power, since He has your best interest at heart.


  1. Thank you for your encouragement! God's timing is always best and running ahead of Him is never wise. :) I am willing to be patient and wait because I know He has the perfect plan for my life and I don't want to take matters into my own hand.
    I love seeing how God directed yours and Andrew's paths. And I think it's great you kind of knew each other for years before you actually got together.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you are willing to wait on the Lord! I know it seems like it will never come, but once you are married, you will look back and realize that it wasn't really all that long.;)
    I pray that God will bring that special someone to you soon!

  3. Thanks Amanda for reminding me of this. I needed it.
    Rachel M.

  4. *hugs* Thanks for the comment! You have been on my mind a lot lately. After my aunt and cousins trip, we will have to plan getting together sometime.;)

  5. I know this post is old, but I just started following your blog again...

    Anyway, I loved reading "your story" and how God has His Hand in it! I will agree that praying (even I was inconsistent) for your future husband is soooo important. I am just starting to see now how big a difference that probably made/makes. And yes, it is so amazing how the Lord works and crosses paths...with my guy, I still look back and wonder how He did it, because if it was left up to me I never would have become his friend in the first place, lol.

  6. Thanks for your comment! I love getting on here and seeing that I have some new ones waiting for me.;)
    The amazing thing is, for years to come you will be blown away in just how perfectly God answers prayers. There are times I'm just blown away with how perfectly Andrew and I mesh together. That isn't to say that we never fight or that everything is easy, but it is wonderful to have that re-assurance that God brought us together and is 100% on our side.
    You will have to write up your story now, since I'm curious.;)