Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Behemoth, by Jonathan C. Leicht

When Jim Thompson, the chief game warden at Masai Mara Game Reservation in Kenya, finds four of his precious animals gored to death by a mysterious animal, he calls in a good friend to help him go on a mission to find the unique animal.
Unbeknownst to them, back in America, Professor Stephen Gregory's creationist views have cost him his job. Not long after losing his position as an esteemed professor, Dr. Gregory gets the chance to put together a team to go after an African legend that could be a dinosaur.
The story flows nicely between the two stories, weaving an amazing tale.
When I first started this book, I thought the story line might be like Jurassic Park. Thankfully, the story was not a rip off of the famous novel.
I like that the author wove a lot of facts regarding the Creationist vs. Evolutionist debate. He did it in such a way that it is interesting and not dry in the least! Even if you don't agree with the creationist view point, I think one could learn a lot from this story.
If you like a good adventure, than this is your book!
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