Monday, May 11, 2015

Top Ten

This weeks Top Ten meme subject over at the Broke and Bookish is top ten authors I would love to meet. I have to admit, I may be cheating, but I picked 6 living authors and 4 authors who are no longer living.

1. Laura Ingles Wilder
I've mentioned before how much I enjoyed her books as a child. So, it would of been amazing to meet her!

2. Betsy St. Amant
Her new book, Love Arrives in Pieces, just came in today. Her previous book was a fun one and Betsy looks like a fun person!

3. J.K Rowling
Because anyone who creates such an imaginative world must be interesting to talk to.;)

4. Tracy Higley
I would love to hear about her travels!

5.Jane Austen
From what I have read, I feel like I would either of really liked Miss Austen or that her humor would of done me in.;)

6. Elizabeth Camden
I would love to hear about the stories behind her tales.

7. Louisa May Alcott
Another childhood favorite!

8. Julie Klassen
Her stories are lovely!

9. Elizabeth Gaskell
I love how she wrote about social issues of the time.

10. Patrick Carr
I loved his The Staff and the Stone series!


  1. Fun list! I see no cheating in this meme. :) It's a neat idea to chose some living and some that are among the greats literature has to offer.

    1. Lol, well, I am glad it isn't considered cheating.:) I probably could of come up with all living authors, but some of my very favorites are the classics.;)
      Thanks for coming by!

  2. I'd love to have met Louisa May Alcott! :-) She was one of my favourite writers growing up! My TTT!

  3. I absolutely love that you chose Rowling because she's such an amazing writer and she seems like a pretty great person.
    Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Yeah, she made it into a lot of lists.;) Probably because her books were such a big part of a lot of childhood memories and she seems like a nice person. Oh, and the tags to riches story most authors dream of.;)

  4. Interesting list of authors!! I never thought about adding authors that were no longer living on my list of authors I'd like to meet.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week:

    1. It just made sense for me to include some of my favorite classic authors. Also, I was lazy and didn't want to think to hard about modern writers.;)
      Thanks for stopping by!