Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Expired Vows


Fire. Family. Faith.
Last Chance Fire and Rescue

She sees the promise of freedom. He vowed to always be the hero.

EMT Trace Bently came back to Last Chance County to escape his past. After the loss of his wife, he gave up a promising career as a police officer for the chance to save lives every day as part of the Fire Department. When a hostage situation demands the help of a local counselor, Trace realizes the past he left behind has found him. He’s being given a second chance to save the life of someone he cares about.

If he can face the grief he buried.

Family Counselor Kelsey Scott has to secure this grant or admit failure. She can’t afford to lose any more pieces of the life she wants because of her own choices. When Kelsey becomes the target of a series of dangerous attacks, Trace steps in determined to protect his wife’s best friend. This hero breaks down all her resistance, but Kelsey can’t risk her own heart.

Even if it’s what will set them both free.

Another thrilling installment in the Last Chance Fire and Rescue series.

Last Chance Fire and Rescue
Book 1: Expired Return
Book 2: Expired Hope
Book 3: Expired Promise
Book 4: Expired Vows

Last Chance County by Lisa Phillips
Book 1: Expired Refuge
Book 2: Expired Secrets
Book 3: Expired Cache
Book 4: Expired Hero
Book 5: Expired Game
Book 6: Expired Plot
Book 7: Expired Getaway
Book 8: Expired Betrayal
Book 9: Expired Flight
Book 10: Expired End

My thoughts: I have read some of the other books in this series, but not all of them. I appreciated that, as a reader, I didn't feel like I was lost in the story, having missed some of the other books. While I know there was more to some of the other characters, since they had starred in other stories, I didn't feel like it took away from my enjoyment of this one to not know all of those stories.
I enjoyed the characters in this book! Trace walked away from being a police officer, since he feels like it cost him his young wife. When Kelsey stumbles into his life again, things take a crazy turn as they work together to find out who her stalker is. I like that there was some twists and turns to the story! This is a wonderful mystery with a great message of hope and healing. 
I received this book from Just Read. This is my honest review.

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