Sunday, August 19, 2018

Courage, Dear Heart

"The world is broken. I am broken. And my need is dire.”

This stark revelation is the path to divine surrender. Our courage has a chance to flourish when we reach a point where we have no control and nothing to lose.

In a series of letters, Rebecca Reynolds uses imagery to breathe truth to the lonely, the weary, the restless, and afraid. If you feel the ache of brokenness, you will be refreshed by the source of all courage illuminated in these pages. God is available and wants to join you, in the midst of any mess. You can take heart. As Aslan of Narnia whispered (and only Lucy heard), Courage, dear heart.

My thoughts: This book is just what I needed after a difficult year! The stories were timely and worked together well with the message of the book. I especially needed the reminder that God is there in the struggles, because He knows what we are going through. This passage especially struck home for me- "For years, Christian leaders told me to put my faith in the facts and my feelings would follow, but they didn't tell me that God would still carry me even when my emotions were stronger than my faith. I have been so relieved to find an engaged God at the end of myself, a Savior who upholds me, instead of a wooden idol who constantly needs to be kept from toppling over." (page 60). The part about God carrying us when our emotions are stronger than our faith really hit home, since through the losses of the last year, I have had moments where my emotions were strong and I was unhappy with not receiving the ending we had hoped for. This book has been just perfect for this season of my life. I highly recommend it, since it is very readable and easy to relate to.
I received this book from Tyndale. This is my honest review.

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