Friday, April 10, 2015

God of the Big Bang

Have you ever wondered, as I have, how to reconcile the seemingly different viewpoints of science and faith in light of life’s biggest questions: God of the Big Bang is for people who are skeptical of faith, who fully believe science is the only way to know anything. And it’s for faithful believers who distrust science and are suspect of its “motives.” But it’s also for everyone in between these two extremes who may be confused and are most likely put off by all the combative and nonproductive communication on the topic.

My hope is that by offering thoughtful consideration of these two separate but connected ways of knowing, this book will promote the kind of constructive dialog that tears down the wall between science and faith that so many have fabricated. And in the process, you’ll recognize more of the God, who is big enough to encompass both sides of the discussion.
My thoughts: Written by someone who has been immersed in the science world, this book is the perfect combination of science and layman information. It is an easy to read book that sets to prove the existence of God and how science proves that He created the world, just as the Bible states in Genesis. Dr. Wickman does a wonderful job of breaking the science behind our world down and explaining it, using sources from Darwin to Pascal, Galileo to Bacon, along with plenty of modern day scientist. This is an excellent book for those interested in science and how it works with Christianity!
I received this book from Worthy publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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