Thursday, December 18, 2014

Compassion without Compromise

Loving, Biblical Answers on Homosexuality

In the next year at least one of these things will happen in your life:
• A family member will come out of the closet and expect you to be okay with it.
• Your elementary-age child's curriculum will discuss LGBT families.
• Your company will talk about building a tolerant workplace for LGBT co-workers.
• Your college-age child will tell you your view on homosexuality is bigoted.

Are you ready?

In their role as pastors, Adam Barr and Ron Citlau have seen how this issue can tear apart families, friendships, and even churches. In this book they combine biblical answers with practical, real-world advice on how to think about and discuss this issue with those you care about. They also tell the story of Ron's personal journey from same-sex attraction and sexual brokenness to healing.

Truth does not preclude kindness--and a good dose of humility is necessary to love our neighbors. With sensitivity and winsomeness, this book will offer an honest but inviting message to readers: We are all in need of the healing that can only come from the truth of the gospel.

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My thoughts: I've been in my fair share of debates on the topic of what God has to say about homosexuality. So, my interest was piqued by this book! I think that it is a wonderful guide to help Christians prepare with answers to questions that may come up when tough questions come from those you love.
Backed with scripture, personal experiences, and insight, I think that this is a fabulous book for those looking to show God's love. I thought the authors have a lot of good points and appreciate that they have been open and honest in this book to help others.
I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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