Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All for a Sister

Hollywood in the 1920`s is constantly changing, alonh woth the rest of the country during that  era. But, imagine what would of happened had you missed some of those changes for over a decade, only to be dropped into the Roaring Twenties and left to cartch up with the rest of the world. In this novel, Allison Pittman explores that idea.
When Celeste DuFrane loses her mother to, the will reveals some interesting surprises, along with a confession. Celeste is only inheriting half of the estate. The other half is to go to Dana Lundgren, the young woman who has been locked away due to the death of Celeste`s older sister.
As the two young women get to know one another and the story that binds them, they discover forgiveness and grace.
I found Dana and Celeste to be very likeable, buthave to say that I found some
of the other characters truly awful. The author writes a story one can`t put down, since there is so much going on and somewhat of mystery to unravel. That said, I vastly prefer her other books to this series, since this one, in my opinion, had a lot of smut. It is handled well enough, as in just mentioned and not actual scenes, but one of the chracters is aajot womanizer, and I just got tired of that theme playing such a big role.
Anywat, my honest opinion is, if you like reading about the 1920`s, this book is a fascinating take on that time!

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