Monday, January 27, 2014

Murder Simply Brewed

When the manager of the coffee shop in the quiet Amish Village getaway dies of a heart attack, the police think nothing of it. But, when vandalism starts showing up and a mystery game is started to figure out what really happened to Ethan Gray, then Amber Wright joins forces with the young Amish woman to uncover what really happened to Ethan.
I liked that this story was told from several perspectives and that a lot goes on with the story, both with the mystery and with Amber and Hannah's personal lives. I'm excited to see that this is the start of a series!
Check out the author's giveaway on her blog.:)


  1. That looks interesting. I admit, I have a fascination with the Amish life and I love mysteries. I haven't seen an Amish murder mystery before though. I'll look for this one.

  2. There is something about the simplicity of Amish life that is appealing, isn't there? I think it is kind of funny to combine Amish fiction and mysteries, but I enjoy the stories, so it must be a good combination.;) Just not one I would of thought of!
    Another good series along the same lines is Nancy Mehl's "Road to Kingdom", if you are interested.

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