Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Mr. Knightley

This modern version of Daddy Long Legs tells the story of Samantha Moore, a young woman who survived the foster care system and all its disappointments by retreating behind her books, namely the classics.
When the opportunity arises for her to have her masters paid for from a prestigious school of Journalism, with the one catch being that she has to write the mysterious foundation president to keep him up to date on her progress. Even though trust doesn't come easy for her, she opens up to "Mr. Knightley", figuring that she can trust someone who picked such a honorable character as a pseudonym. As Sam goes through the program, she learns a lot about writing, making friends, and love.
While I admit that I originally picked up this book because of the title (I'm like Sam, Mr Knightley is one of my favorite hero's. lol), I wound up falling in love with the characters and story! Sam is very real as she struggles with letting people get to know her. This is now one of my new favorite romances! I look forward to reading more by this new author, since this was a stellar first novel!  

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  1. I can't wait to read this one! It is so nice when a first time author surprises the world with a classic, and this looks like just that sort of book.