Thursday, April 18, 2013

A fun Regency era read.

Given the chance to advance his career, Rees Phillips poses as a butler to spy on the French born Lady Celine Wexham to see if she is really collecting and passing on information that would hinder the British in the Napoleon wars. Lady Wexham is nothing like Rees expected, being a young widow who's French Republican ideas have influenced her thinking and treatment toward her servants, making her a kind employer who actually acknowledges her servants. When Rees uncovers just how much trouble Lady Wexham is in, he is torn between wanting to protect her and longing to remain true to his country.
I loved this book! It was rich in history and character detail, without trying to be exactly like a Jane Austen novel, a pitfall that a lot of Regency era books fall into. In other words, the story was fresh and originally. There is a lot going on, and I loved the historical details, since I didn't realize that there was a French court set up in England after the French Revolutionary war that waited until Napoleon was defeated to try and set up court in France again. I thought the story developed nicely without seeming rushed or drawn out. Also, Rees is actually a gentleman of character, much like the hero's in classic stories. Midnight Masquerade is a new favorite!

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