Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Matter of Trust

After Mia Quinn looses her husband in a mysterious, tragic car accident, she is forced to return to work to care for three two kids. Juggling her hectic work schedule and working to do her best at filling parenting roles get a even more crazy when a fellow county prosecutor is shot at her home. While on the phone with Mia. Just four years before, another county prosecutor was killed in the same manner, so Mia and the detective she is forced to work with seek to discover if the two cases are related, as most suspect.
I found A Matter of Trust to be an excellent start to this new series! I like that there was more going on in the story line than just the one case. The novel also dealt with a big issue in society today: bullying. The story makes you think about how one looks at people who are different and how we should learn to appreciate one another's differences.
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