Sunday, January 13, 2013

Placebo by Steven James

Jevin Bank's life is turned upside down when his wife and two boys die in a tragic accident, leaving him the only survivor of their little family. The loss of his family turns Jevin away from working as a magician and toward exposes film making.
As one of the assignments, Jevin and his team become part of a scientific test to explore mind to mind communication.
Based on actual research, I found this book to be quite interesting, though a bit heavy on the science end of things. The flip side is, that it's nice there is an explanation.
I'm a bit torn about what I think concerning this book. It is well written and the characters are amazingly engaging. I loved Jevin and his team! Fiona had some great arguments for homeschooling (which of course I loved, since I was homeschooled;)) and Xavier was hilarious with his conspiracy theories! The story is enthralling and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end.
Now, I didn't like that the story was rather dark. A couple of the "bad guys" are assassins who give little thought to taking a life. I also was bothered by the black magic. But, if you are looking for an amazing, suspenseful story, this one is a must!

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