Saturday, December 1, 2012

Every Perfect Gift

Ten years after "Beauty for Ashes", readers are again invited to return to Hickory Ridge, this time through the eyes of Sophie Caldwell, the grown up orphan who was taken in by the Wyatt and Ada. Having gone to school and encouraged to work in the newspaper business, Sophie buys the local paper and decides to try to resurrect it, making a name for herself in the writing business.
When Sophie meets Ethan Heyward, all she has worked for is threatened. Both Ethan and Sophie must work through painful childhood memories and experiences before they can choose love.
Like revisiting a favorite small town, the last book in the Hickory Ridge series does a wonderful job of bringing readers up to date on the goings on in this quaint town. I like that there was "catching up" to do with a lot of the secondary characters, that life has moved forward and changed for many of the residents, not just the leading characters. I like that this book has a lot going on, not just with Sophie and Ethan, but with progress coming to Hickory Ridge and another romance with the bankers daughter finding love as well.

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