Thursday, November 22, 2012


In "Unbreakable", readers can return to the small Mennonite community of Kingdom that was introduced in "Inescapable". This time, the small town is viewed through the eyes of Hope Kauffman, the gentle and kind hearted owner of the quilt shop in town. Life for Hope is predictable, she is engaged to her childhood friend, and leads a quiet life. When evil penetrates the town, targeting religious buildings and organizations with a raging hatred, the church elders and townspeople must choose for themselves if they are going to hold to their teachings of peace or pick up their guns and defend themselves.
While I liked the first book in this series, I thought this one was even better! The story is riveting and there is a very real debate within the book about whether it is trusting God to pick up a weapon when you are threatened, a question every person must ask themselves.
Two thumbs up!

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