Friday, August 24, 2012

Eight Fears

1. That the bats will invade our attic again. Thankfully, we have made it over a year without their returning, so I think we sealed their entrances.:D

2. Dropping my Kindle in water. I would probably cry if this happened.;)

3. Things continuing on as they are now. Especially in the political sense...

4. Not being able to taste. Can you imagine how boring life would be if you couldn't taste chocolate? :D

5. To die without having seen more of the world.:D

6. Passing out at a very public place in front of a ton of people is up there on the list of things I would rather not do.;)

7. I'm always terrified that I will find someone hiding out behind the shower curtain.;)

8. To have lived without fulfilling my full potential.


  1. I hope the bats don't return!

    Isn't the political unrest scary? I don't like the way things are headed now... and I'd rather not think about the future but I must and I should prepare for what might be around the corner. And pray hard!!

    #7 reminded me that when we were on a recent road trip down south, I had to go into the restroom that was also a showering place. It was at truck stop... I checked in the shower to make sure no-one was in there =P

  2. I hope so too.:D I like to think we sealed off their entrances so that they went to live elsewhere!

    It is scary! And, I think it will only get scarier if things stay the same after the elections.:P
    I needed the reminder to pray about it: more than just a half hearted prayer.

    Yikes! I would of checked too.:D

    1. Oh good! The bats shouldn't come back then ;)

      Yeah, if things stay the same... it could get worse. I think it will get worse though. Don't want to be negative but we could be living in the "last days". I need the reminder to pray more about it too.
      Makes me glad that I feel safe here with my family most of the time and for the freedoms that I still do have in this country. I want to keep fighting for the freedoms and hopefully more won't be taken away from us as time goes on!

    2. I totally know what you mean! Since Andrew and I have talked about it being the eleventh hour and how time is growing short. Its scary, and yet exciting when you think of how things are going to end.
      I know! That's why I think it is so important to stay involved in the community and politics.

  3. #8 to have lived without fulfilling my potential....very good thought here. I want to be all that I can be! to be told by those around me that I've made a difference in their lives, is such a blessing!