Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nine loves

So, nine things I love. Do I do the obvious? The obvious would be God, my husband, family, and friends. I could extoll the virtues of my in-laws, since I have been quite blessed in that department.;) Instead, though, I think I will go with random again.

1. Baking. Andrew gives me hard time about how I do it for a job and then come home and bake in my free time. I don't know why, but I find it enjoyable to create something yummy.:D My favorite is trying new recipes out.

2. Gerber daisies. Seriously, how can those sunny flowers not brighten your day?:D

3. Photography, though I am afraid that my camera is kind of acting up at the moment. Still trying to figure out what I did to make the colors go a bit... off.

4. Ice cream on hot days (like the ones we have been having!). Whoever invented ice cream, I thank you.:D

5. Australia: you will not find a more welcoming country.;) I dream of taking Andrew to see it for himself!

6. Chai tea made out of a good, strong, black tea. It hits the spot on cold mornings.

7. Old houses, even if they are a tremendous amount of work.;)

8. Going bargain hunting at a thrift store or garage sale and discovering just what you need for a small fraction of the original price.

9. C.S. Lewis, particularly the way his writing makes you think about the simple things in a whole new light. If you have not read Mere Christianity, you need to.


  1. I can agree wholeheartedly to just about all of those...I'm finding more and more C.S. Lewis that I love...especially his quotes. And ice-cream...its deliciousness is unfortunately contributing to my waistline, haha, but who could not love it?!

  2. Aren't his quotes great? I LOVE Narnia, and Mere Christianity! He has some thought provoking stuff.:D
    lol, with how hot it has been, its hard to not give in to ice cream. :D