Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string

I received a cello from my fiance this year for a birthday present, something I have always wanted.:) Andrew tried to talk me into wanting to play the bass, and almost had me convinced that it would be just the thing for me. He did that partly so I wouldn't suspect what he had found for my birthday present.;) I love it, though I will mention that it has been quite an experience to have to start at the beginning on another instrument.:D I have to remind myself that it will be a lot more fun once I have learned the fundamentals and can actually play something familiar on it.:D

My brother married on Saturday.:) I would say there was a flurry of birdseed and confetti, by that would just describe what their car was like when they went to leave.;) The only thing is, Luke surprised Mandi by leaving in Corvette instead of his SUV.;) Unfortunately, their SUV will be waiting for them (in all its glory) when they return from the honeymoon.


  1. I'm following you now :) Love your blog layout!

  2. You follow the Frandsen Expansion blog too? ;)

  3. Thanks for following me.;) It is fun to have you on here now!
    Thank you.:) I wanted something to go with the picture I added for my border.:)

  4. Amanda! :D To answer your question on my blog . . I used Grooveshark. But I wouldn't recommend it. :( It's been rather a pain, as far as edited and adding songs. I do recommend and

    Sooo happy to see you in blog land!

    PS: I've moved to:

  5. hey...swing by sometime, Amanda. Love to help you learn something familiar. :-)

  6. SO CUTE....yay for Luke and Mandi <3